...Continued from the front page. Evaluate your kitchen counter space, or space where you can keep these appliances. Where are you going to put all those neat new appliances?

Decide what color appliance you prefer.

Check the height of the appliance compared to the height of your cabinets. Some appliances that mount under the cabinet are available.

What style or look do you want? Modern or retro?

Determine the appliance capacity needed. The number of speeds and settings on an appliance usually increases with the size of the machine. Those who have large families or like to entertain may choose to buy larger appliances.

Corded or cordless appliances. It's your choice in many cases. Corded models offer constant power; cordless gives you portability but may also need constant recharging depending on the amount of usage.

Read the package before you buy to see if the appliance does everything that you want it to.

Check you appliance for clean ability; is it easy to clean, or hard? Are there going to be a lot of small parts that could get lost during this process?

Start by thinking of the needs of those who will be working in the kitchen, from their physical requirements to the types of food they will be preparing. Will the kids involved, or will it be adults only. Some households will have very tall or very short cooks. Still others will be using many small appliances to assist with preparation. Think about keeping your options flexible, as needs may very well change over time. The kitchen is the most interactive room in the house. People, work surfaces, appliances and tools all working together everyday to produce meals that not only taste good, but will leave memories for your family and friends to cherish for a lifetime. No room in the home is more important than the kitchen, and no tools are more important than the appliances that man it.

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